Fantan Mojah

Reggae artist Owen Moncrieffe aka Fantan Mojah was born in St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica on August 5, 1975. Before Owen reached age 10, he was performing at local concerts and winning several talent competitions. In order to pursue his musical career he moved to Kingston to begin his journey. He initially worked with the traveling Sound System Kilamanjaro and performed songs during sound checks. During that time he called himself “Mad Killer”, after dancehall deejay Bounty Killer, but he soon realized that he wanted his music to take a more positive tone. In 1997, Owen decided that he wanted to be known by a more spiritual and positive name. Under the encouragement of Capelton, Fantan Mojah was born. After being exposed to the Rastafarian movement, Fantan’s outlook on life changed and his music excelled.

Fantan is known as a contemporary reggae artist whose faith is reflected in his lyrics. Some of his recurring themes are that women should be portrayed in a positive light, that everyone should live righteously, and that Jah should always be praised. He began recording with Down Sound Records in 2004, and their first seven-inch release “Hungry” shot to the number one position in the Jamaican charts where it stayed for eight weeks straight. In 2005, Fantan’s debut album “Hail the King” was released. It features popular singles like “Hail the King”, “Nuh Build Great Man” featuring Jah Cure and “Corruption”. These were some of the most talked about records of 2005. On November 19, 2008, Fantan released his second album “Stronger”, which featured the massive hit single “Stronger” produced by Frenchy from Maximum Sound. This album secured his position as one of the major conscious reggae artists on the rise.
Throughout his musical career, Fantan has been blessed to be able to perform at countless festivals spanning over several territories, namely U.S.A, Europe, Caribbean, Africa and South America. Fantan Mojah is now working on releasing his third album. It will feature his current hit “Rasta Got Soul” among other popular tracks. He will continue to build his brand worldwide as a conscious reggae pioneer.

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