What is recording?

Often referred to as tracking, it is the process by which each instrument or vocals are recorded individually.

Important goals of recording are:

• Use a properly padded and sound proof recording room.
• Use proper and the highest possible equipment in the recording process.
• Get good takes from the artist and musicians. Make sure you’re satisfied with how they performed on their tracks.
• Avoid leakage well recording acoustic sounds; this can affect the clarity of your final mix by introducing unnecessary noises.

How can we help?

Your time spent with us will be like no other. You will have a secure, private environment that will certainly enhance your creativity and we provide an engineer for every session to ensure that your setup and recording process is a successful experience.

Recording packages?

• Single instrument or Vocal Recording - USD $25 per hour. (Special pricing for multiple hours)
• Live drum and full band recording - USD $55 per hour.

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