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The dynamics that make Jamaica’s capital one of the most pulsating cities in the world are the focus of Kingston Town, Fantan Mojah’s latest song.

Produced by Young Veterans, the stocky singjay teams with Capleton and Turbulance on a number that looks mainly at the city’s gritty underbelly.

Sheldon Pennicott, a member of Young Veterans, said Kingston Town will be on Fantan Mojah’s upcoming album. The track revisits one of reggae’s most revered sounds. “The style in which we laid the beat was inspired by the rockers era [of the late 1970s]. We thought it would be unique and be something special if we pulled it off correctly,” said Pennicott.

Bass player Christopher Meredith, guitarist Leroy ‘Badness’ Pennicott, trumpeter Vivian Scott, and trombonist Everald Gayle are among the musicians who played on Kingston Town.

Fantan Mojah was initially down to record the song solo, but given its topic, Pennicott said Capleton and Turbulance were brought in.

“We felt this combination of artistes would represent the idea and also complement each other musically,” he said.

The yet-titled set will be the 40-year-old Fantan Mojah’s third album. Kingston Town is one of two songs produced for it by Young Veterans, which also includes Andrew Pennicott and Sekou Davis.

— Howard Campbell

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