Young Veterans Music



Opal Josephs, better known as OPAL, has been a member of Young Veterans since 2007. Originally from Denham Town in West Kingston, Opal did not intend to become an artiste after graduating high school. As Opal expresses it, ‘I did not find music, music found me’. Her first song came about by coincidence when she met Mr. Vegas and the collaboration “Hot Wuk” turned out to be a major local and international hit song. Encouraged by Sheldon and Sekou of Young Veterans, Opal decided to continue on the path and pursue a career as an artiste. Her first release on the Young Veterans label was “I Said It” which became a number one song in many Caribbean Islands and has done very well in other parts of the world. Her following single “Balance” proved that her talent was far from a ‘one hit wonder’. She is presently busy in the Young Veterans studio voicing some more hits while the airwaves blaze away her summer anthem “It Clean Like House”. Look out for her EP. It is set to drop this summer. Opal describes herself as a jovial tomboy and a nice and naughty artiste. She considers her music to be lewd but recently she has been trying to tone it down a bit to have more of an impact on the airwaves. Her songs are often about male and female relationships. In the future, she states, she wants to do songs for everyone to listen to, but will always be a bit rude and remain Opal throughout her career.